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Cardiovascular Disease & Diabetes Mellitus

Prof. Sameh Shaheen, Ain Shams

Plenary Lecture – ADA Guidelines

Prof. Mohamed Khattab, Cairo

Insulin Therapy & Injectable Therapy

Prof. Salah Shelbaya, Ain Shams

Dyslipidemia Guidelines

Prof. Nabil Elkafrawy, Menoufia

Global Risk Assessment

Prof. Ahmed Shawky Elserafy, Ain Shams

Options after Metformin

Prof. Yehia Ghanem, Alexandria

How Low should we go with LDL-C?

Prof. Hesham Salah, Cairo

Non Statin Therapy: PSCK 9 Inhibitor

Prof. Ihab Attia, Ain Shams

Non Statin Therapy: Ezetimibe & Others

Prof. Assem Seif, Cairo

Hypertension, Diabetes & CKD

Prof. Amr El Meligi, Cairo

Role of Statins in Primary Prevention

Prof. Samir George, Cairo

White Coat Hypertension / Masked Hypertension

Prof. Hosam Hasan, Assiut

Heart failure in patients with diabetes, what is different?

Prof. Magdy Abdelhamid, Cairo

Hypertension Guidelines 2017, The Time & Guidelines are changing

Prof. Nabil El Kafrawy, Menoufia

Cardiovascular trials in diabetes

Prof. Yehia Ghanem, Alexandria

Hypertension & Elderly

Prof. Amr El Hadidy, Cairo

Dyslipidemia Guidelines

Prof. Khalifa Abdallah, Alexandria

DM & Dyslipidemia

Prof. Yasser Baghdady, Cairo

Pathophysiology of heart failure in diabetes

Prof. Khalifa Abdallah, Alexandria

CAD in diabetics, is it different?

Prof. Ahmed Shawky, Ain Shams

Treatment of diabetes in heart failure patients

Prof. Ibrahim Elebrashy, Cairo

Guidelines for management of T2DM

Prof . Ibrahim Ibrashi, Cairo

Coronary revascularization in diabetics

Prof. Hosam Hasan, Assiut

Hypoglycemia in CV medicine, why worry?

Prof. Eman Youssef, Alexandria

Key classes of antidiabetic medications

Prof. Salah Shelbaya, Ain Shams

Diabetes & cardiovascular outcome trials

Prof. Yehia Ghanem, Alexandria

Hypertension Case1: DM & CKD with CAD

Prof. Noha Gaber, Alexandria

Hypertension Case 2: T2DM treatment passing from oral to injectable therapy

Prof. Talaat Abdelaaty, Alexandria

“Gyn-Cardiology" New Prospective in HTN management in female gender

Prof. Alaa Etman , NHI

Management of Diabetic Patient with Ischemic Heart Disease “Diabetology-Cardiology Team Work”

Prof. Magdy Abdel Hamid, Cairo

Revascularization in DM

Prof. Mohamed Zahran, Ain Shams

DM and CVD

Prof. Karim Saeid, Cairo

Cardiac Imaging in DM

Prof. Islam Shawky, Al Azhar

Update in Management of Atherogenic Dyslipidemia of Insulin Resistance, Obesity & Type 2 Diabetes: Beyond LDL Cholesterol

Prof. Alaa Etman, NHI

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